Clinical Development Services

Study Management

ERGOMED's approach to Site Management ensures effective patient recruitment reducing time and cost of clinical trials.

Ergomed’s leading position in the successful integration of a functional Site Management Model into full Clinical Development Services is highly regarded by investigators, sponsors and partners. This model enables the most efficient and cost effective study management structure which delivers faster recruitment of quality patients to agreed timelines. Optimal investigator site contributions are ensured by combining good patient recruitment with high quality data collection and assistance to investigators with their many administrative and logistical responsibilities including activities such as the scheduling of patient visits and the shipment of blood and tissue samples.

Study Management schema v1a


Ergomed project management teams consist of project directors, project managers, project manager assistants, monitors (or clinical research associates) and clinical trial administrators which together form the core of the Ergomed operational organisation. The team consists of highly qualified personnel of whom many are either physicians, PhDs or have other medically-related qualifications. Besides being highly trained, Ergomed study monitoring teams are recruited locally and based close to the sites they visit. They understand the local culture and are fluent in the local language as well as English, thus ensuring an efficient service that can resolve local issues fast.





The Ergomed Corporate Information System (ECIS), a SharePoint based clinical trial management system, is used to aid management of all aspects of the clinical trials process and can be customized to meet client needs for reporting and study management.







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