Clinical Development Services

Study Physician Support

Ergomed has established a Study Physician Team – a  highly specialised group of MD’s that deal with the supervision of complicated or demanding therapeutic or diagnostic trials/procedures. All of the MDs that are part of the Study Physician Team have extensive previous clinical practice experience as well as experience in clinical research and drug development.

The presence of an experienced clinician on a study site representing the sponsor improves the understanding of the local investigator of the protocol requirements and improves overall compliance. This speeds up recruitment and lowers the dropout rate. Our Study Physician Team has proven to be highly effective in trials with demanding protocols or study procedures, or low recruitment rates and maintenance of high motivation of the principal investigator is of key importance.

Tasks of the Study Physician Team are:

  • Performing study specific site training
  • Representing Sponsor’s clinical interest at the sites
  • Maintaining good medic to medic relationships with the on-site physicians
  • Supporting investigators in appropriate patient selection
  • Encouraging the sites to seek new study subjects – enhances recruitment
  • Shares the most recent experiences from other sites
  • All potential medical issues are addressed swiftly and resolved
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