Rare Diseases

Experience & Services

Making a difference, where the patient is key.

Ergomed RARE DISEASES has experience of conducting multiple trials in designated rare indications. Through its Site Management model and Study Physician Team Support, Ergomed has shown that it can locate and support sites in studies of ultra-rare diseases like infantile hypophsophatemia, paroxyzmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria and primary hyperoxaluria, diseases for which recruitment can be highly problematic. Ergomed has successfully prepared Orphan Designation applications and have established links with physician networks, key opinion leaders, government bodies and patient groups. Ergomed provides regulatory and scientific expertise which helps to ensure the best designs for rare diseases clinical programs and registries. We offer our specialised Site Management Model that allows smooth interaction of the sites and patient organisations and advocacy groups. To date, Ergomed has managed 28 rare disease projects and trials, listed below:


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