Ergomed is one of the market leaders in co-development and can invest in broad co-development partnerships with clients where there is a mutual interest and expertise. Ergomed has created a risk-sharing model whereby we offer to contribute to the cost of clinical trials through significantly reduced fees in return for a carried interest in any future revenues of the product, including out-licensing milestones and sales.

Benefits to pharma/biotech

Through working with many healthcare companies over 20 years, Ergomed has gained considerable understanding of effective and cost efficient development strategies. Ergomed has shaped its clinical development and supporting organisation to help to meet the specific needs of biotech and specialist companies. For example, this is carried out through the provision of regulatory services for specialty products/ orphan drugs, enhanced patient recruitment using Site Management teams and study site co-ordinators, safety database and drug safety monitoring and special quality assurance and audit services.

By sharing the risk and expense of development with the sponsor company, this model has been used effectively to enable drugs to be developed more quickly and efficiently to proof of concept.

  • 20 years of operational experience in efficient execution of clinical trials
  • Assistance in taking products to the next valuation
  • Experienced development team to guide your program
  • Established and proven execution



PeproStat™ is a ready-to-use liquid formulation applied with commercially available gelatin sponges. Animal trials have demonstrated  that  PeproStat had the fastest onset of action versus three thrombin-based comparators. PeproStat has also been tested in 20 liver surgery patients at four hospitals in the UK. Whilst this trial was not comparative, the results support comprehensive animal data indicating fast and effective action. A comparative Phase II trial in three surgical indications has now been completed at hospitals in five European countries, and the results will be reported in Q4 2017.


ReadyFlow™ is a ready-to-use flowable gel formulation applied with a syringe and nozzle to less accessible and/or uneven wound surfaces. Current products are limited by the need for preparation prior to use and since bleeding is not always predictable, product may be wasted or insufficient prepared. Current products are also blood-derived. ReadyFlow is a single ready-to-use syringe suitable for both surgical and emergency use, and is made from blood-free components. The product has been tested in a robust pre-clinical bleeding model, in which 85% of bleeds were controlled with just one minute of compression.

Companies we partner with:

Grupo Ferrer International, SA image
Lorediplon for the treatment of insomnia
CEL-SCI Corporation image
Multikine, head and neck cancer, anal warts and cervical dysplasia in HIV/HPV co-infection
Modus Therapeutics AB image
Sevuparin for the treatment of patients with Sickle-Cell Disease (SCD) experiencing acute Vaso-Occlusive Crisis (VOC)
Asarina AB image
Sepranolone, which is a therapy for premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
Allergy Therapeutics image
OralVac for the treatment of House Dust Mite, Tree Pollen and Grass Pollen