15 Oct 2020
Ergomed’s Patient Engagement Officer in Rare Revolution Magazine

We’re proud to have Ergomed/PSR Orphan Experts’ Patient Engagement Officer, Bojana Mirosavljevic, featured in the Autumn issue of Rare Revolution, one of the key publications in the rare disease world.

At Ergomed Bojana’s role is to ensure that the patient’s perspective is always considered during a clinical trial and this article explores how Bojana came to be so passionate about the amazing work she does.

When her daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease, Bojana was immediately thrust into the world of patient advocacy and clinical research, and so began her fight for her daughter and others like her, culminating in the Serbian and European parliament passing a law in her daughter’s name.

In this article Bojana tells RARE Revolution how her role as patient engagement officer at Ergomed/PSR Orphan Experts enables her to continue the fight by supporting a truly patient-centric approach to clinical trials and research.

You can read the full article by clicking here