As a full-service CRO, we offer complete solutions in all therapeutic areas, but we specialize in:

Oncology / Haematology

Representing over 30% of our recent experience, Oncology and Haematology studies are one of the areas in which Ergomed excels. By using our unique site management and study physician models, we are able to identify and enroll patients across the globe, while ensuring compliance to local regulatory requirements. Furthermore, our full-service offering allows us to provide a complete solution for your program’s unique requirements.

Allergy / Respiratory

With allergy and respiratory studies often being time sensitive due to seasonality windows, access to exposure chambers or pollen counting centers can dictate timelines for your study. Our proven processes ensure that your project starts on time, ensuring that you maximise your patient data, while our site management model allows us to create efficiencies to increase site performance.

Neurology / CNS

With a rapidly changing landscape, neurological disorder trials are transforming and adapting.  Ergomed can assist you to develop your protocol, determine inclusion / exclusion criteria, and create a feasibility plan to maximise study effectiveness.  Our global access to key opinion leaders, leading investigative sites and site management model ensure that we can guide you through this rapidly growing field.