27 Jan 2020
Join FREE Webinar – Ergomed: The Road to GDPR Compliance

This Webinar will dive into the deep sea of GDPR Compliance applied to Clinical Research.  Ergomed’s Privacy Expert Bosko Vojkic (Group Data Protection Officer) will break down the robust GDPR requirements that need to be implemented when performing CRO services.

Using inside company know-how plus the experience of collaborating with numerous worldwide external contractors, the Webinar draws a line between the two sides of GDPR:

  1.  Strict implementation of GDPR requirements and
  2. The flexibility that is necessary in order to achieve business sustainability.

This webinar will elaborate on the key GDPR provisions that are important from the perspective of a CRO, including:

  • Proper allocation of processing roles
  • Data map flow
  • The rights of data subjects
  • Consent forms, etc.

Bosko will include insightful tips and tricks on how Ergomed has successfully achieved their current status of GDPR compliance.




Bosko’s Bio: 

Bosko Vojkic joined the Ergomed Group in 2019 as the Ergomed Group Data Protection Officer. He has completed Master 2 Level Studies in Aerospace and Telecommunications with a specialisation in the area of Personal Data Protection and Privacy. Prior to joining Ergomed, Bosko was engaged as an Expert Consultant on Personal Data Protection for the USAID Project, “Government Accountability Initiative”. He supports a cross-functional approach to data protection and privacy matters and is passionate about finding the perfect balance between the needs of business sustainability and achieving the highest level of personal data protection.