8 Jan 2015
Lync client download


For Windows users, with Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems – please download Microsoft Lync from:


Once asked for a username and password please use:
Username: lync
Password: lync123

(alternatively, if using 64-bit version of windows download setup from ftp://download.ergomed-cro.com/WINx64/LyncSetup.exe )

Additionally, please download Lync patch from the address ftp://download.ergomed-cro.com/Lync2010_patch.zip and run Lync_x64.msp or Lync_x86.msp , depending on your version of windows.

Lync installation is easy and straightforward so you should be ok by following the setup procedure. Once installation is finished, you need to Sign-in for the first time.

Please contact support@ergomedplc.com to get your Sign-in name.

For signing in for the first time, you will need following information:
name: firstname.lastname@ergomed-cro.com
Username: ERGOMED\username
Password: ********