1 Jul 2020
Webinar: COVID-19 Pharmacovigilance – How to Adapt Hosting, Conduction of Remote Audits and Inspections

Watch PrimeVigilance’s COVID-19 Webinar titled “How to Adapt Hosting, Conduction of Remote Audits and Inspections”.

This is a recording of a Webinar that we hosted in June 2020.

Please click HERE to see the recording.

In this webinar, PrimeVigilance’s expert Ejaz Butt, shares his experience on how PrimeVigilance has been adapting audits and inspections during the challenging period of COVID-19 with its pitfalls, perils and possibilities.

Topics include:

  • The various legislative and regulatory thoughts around this practice, discussing the challenges of either conducting or hosting remote audits and inspections
  • How does PrimeVigilance prepare?
  • What considerations need to be taken into account?
  • How does PrimeVigilance ensure a successful experience to the best of their capabilities?