29 Apr 2014
Join ShowMyPC session


ShowMyPC is a remote support tool which ERGOMED IT use to support operations and remote workers. This tool enables our IT to help ERGOMED staff remotely in more efficient and effective manner.

If asked by IT to run ShowMyPC – please visit following web address: http://ergomed.showmypc.com

Once there, follow these steps to start remote support session:

1. Click on Show My PC button (see picture below this text) and then click Run when asked, to run this application.

2. When asked – click on Yes to open this application.

3. Once tool opens – it will show 4-digit share password (see picture below). Please email this password to ERGOMED IT and someone will be able to help you remotely.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In case you have problems running this tool – there are two other versions of the application available. One is “Non-Admin version” and second is “Java version”. These two version might be helpful in case you are using non-windows computer e.g. MacOS X or Unix systems. See picture below on how to run Non-Admin or Java versions of the ShowMyPC application.